About the DSA Industry Blog

hannelore.jpgWelcome to the DSA Industry Blog!

In keeping with the Day Spa Association’s promise to introduce a series of new benefits for our members, we are pleased to launch two new communication vehicles:

DSAProf Blog: This is a dynamic communication forum open to the spa industry. Different moderators from the Day Spa Association will post articles each month and open up a discussion on a topic of interest. Your comments to the weekly posting will help build our on-line spa community.

SpaPro-2-SpaPro Forum: This is a Discussion forum open to DSA Members only. It is a place for our members to exchange ideas and  insights and raise questions of your Association peers. Members who have established their presence on the DSAProf Blog by commenting on postings in March may request a password to enter the Discussion Forum in the Blog Comments section. Forum mermbers may also introduce topics that may be of interest to the Association membership.

The Blog & Forum will be our dynamic channels of communication, complementing the In Touch Newsletter.

The March kick-off posts will come from our Founder & Executive Director, a.k.a. the Recession Fighter. Click on ‘Fighting Recession Pt. 1’ at the head of this page to read what she has to say, and let us know what you think.

We look forward to an engaging conversation!

Hannelore Leavy

Founder & Executive Director

Day Spa Association



2 Responses

  1. As a business owner we have had to change our way of thinking and our way of working with businesses. Due to the slowing economy we understand the big and small business are watching the dollars more closely. So we have gone to a more personal way of doing business and really specializing what we do for each individual business. keeping there cost down but yet still making a profit. Blue Fairy formally Employment for Beauty Professionals is an Employment Recruitment Agency for the Beauty Industry and Hospitality Industry.


  2. It is always the advisable, according to the experts, to do less and be the best at it … better than doing and offering a lot of things and be mediocre.
    Thanks BlueFairy1 – you should visit our employment site on our website – maybe you would want to consider becoming a member of the DSA? Som eof our spa owners and also allied members may be ready to turn to an expert to find them just the person they are looking for!
    Let me know if we can be of assistance in any way.

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