“Give your Spa a Facelift”

Recently as I began my ritual spring cleaning at the Spa, I started to take note of issues such as scuff marks on the floor and oils spills on the walls of the massage rooms, and worn down area rugs. I reminded myself that clients come in to the spa expecting a perfect world. Once stepping in to the Spa, they are in the “pink bubble” where everything is in place, it is fresh and new and nothing is left to distract or remind the Guest of work to do. They left that behind before entering into the “pink bubble”

Not only do we need to clean, upgrade and repair worn and tattered furniture, equipment and the actual building from time to time, we should look at our uniforms, the way we groom ourselves and the image we are projecting. Our business needs a facelift from time to time, and so do we!

Going to a Spa is an escape from reality as well as an opportunity to receive services to enhance feeling and looking better. In our Spa we designate areas and tasks as “on-stage” and “back-stage”. On-stage areas, such as the front desk, entry, retail areas, quiet rooms, must look perfect – – think of the beautiful hotel room when you first enter!

With the slowdown in the economy, now is the time to freshen your Spa and bring new energy and life back into it. Your clients will fall in love with coming there, once again, as the newness and sparkle will WOW them. Even your Spa needs a Facelift as it ages!

Nina Howard
Bellanina Day Spa & Gift Boutique, Inc.


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