Passionate Every Day! VocationVacations and the Spa.

Ruth Cox

Ruth Cox

Are you passionate about your work every day? Do you dream of going in a new direction, trying a new career or even growing a small business into a larger one? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to try something out before you made the educational, financial and personal commitment? There are such opportunities when you join the Day Spa Association, engage a Spa Consultant or even mentoring organizations, engaging a coach or even testing your dream job through VocationVacations (

There are many mentoring organizations, personal growth websites and life coaches that you can find in your area or on the web. VocationsVacations is the only company in the business of helping people try out their dreams with the support of mentors and coaches to help you get the most out of this experiential learning opportunity. Mentors are invaluable as you make your own way. The best mentors share their experience in a way that benefits your future.

Experiential learning by immersion is a unique opportunity in self-growth. Experience ‘what it is really like; from the start. VocationVacations mentor opportunities have shown that there are a few fundamental concepts that the Vocationer must answer for themselves, and interestingly enough, ideas that are guaranteed to always come up.

The first is ‘How do you want to live your life every day?’ Why do you want to change? What would your perfect life look like? How is it different than what you are doing now? How does being an Aesthetician, Spa Owner, Massage Therapist or ‘fill in the blank’ fulfill those objectives? If you envision being a Spa Owner and/or Operator, what do you hope to accomplish? If you are a Spa Owner, how much more can you accomplish if you have the right support?

The second is ‘Where do you start?’ Before you can even begin developing a business plan, you need to have an idea what you want, and then actually start by gathering the information on start up costs, financing, market analysis, prospective employees and more. There are resources available to help you here as well.

This leads into even more questions and the discovery process is iterative. Experiment with your future by checking into local and national organizations that help you grow, first by having a mentor, then by being a mentor. When you immerse yourself in learning you may create the catalyst that will expose your passion. By the way, I am a Mentor with VocationVacations, and I have hosted several Vocationers that had jobs that were very different from their dream of owning a day spa. Having them come to Bella Fontana Spa reminds me of why I went into the spa business, and helps them understand what to expect.

Resources for Personal Growth

Ruth Cox


2 Responses

  1. what I’m trying to find out is…on average…what is the base line cost or % that the spa business owner encures performing basic esthetic services and where do I locate this information?I’m speaking of waxing and facials.If you could help me out here or guide me in the right direction…I would greatly appreciate it.Thank you

  2. Dear Stephanie,

    As no two spas are the same, differing in size, capacity, menu of services, price points, etc. answering this question may be less than satisfactory.

    However as a general rule after you subtract the typical 40-50% commission, the employer’s share of taxes, workers comp, supplies, and laundry costs associated with the delivery of each service rendered most US spas are left with a paltry 25-30 cents out of their service revenue dollar. This number is also known as the “contribution margin”.

    As you can imagine, this is a big problem for today’s spas and have made it difficult to make money even before the economy went south. Through DSA education, my own consulting at Resources & Development, writing articles, etc. we are working diligently to change the way our industry compensates, which can enhance these contribution margins significantly.

    You may find recordings in the DSA Pro Libraries, articles on my website (, or my book The Reluctant Spa Director, that will give you more information on this topic. Likewise, this is a topic often covered at DSA sponsored educational events usually found at most major industry tradeshows.

    Please feel free to contact me if I can further elucidate.

    Best Wishes & Healthy Profits
    Skip Williams

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