Weed Out Nonsense Marketing Words


A recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine explains that the overuse of certain words drives customers away rather than pulls them in. According to author Kim Gordon these tired words include Care, Solutions, Results, Amazing, Needs, Quality.

“Results” is a non-specific word and if our menu says: ” A luxurious results oriented facial that will leave your skin glowing, your body relaxed and your spirit soaring.” The message is vague. An improvement might read: “A luxurious exfoliating and refining facial with that will leave your skin glowing, your body relaxed and your spirit radiant.” When we choose a superlative such as “amazing” to describe the results of a particular product or service we must back it up with the details or clients will stop listening. Consider descriptive alternatives to words such as “solutions”, “quality” and “needs” in your marketing materials.

Internally and externally, spa marketing is seasoned with other overused and hollow words: World Class, Seamless, Client -Focused, and Synergy are good examples.

We have been using “World-Class” to describe our product and service experience to both employees and clients for too long. With so many “World-Class” spa experiences and spa properties this concept is no longer a differentiator. Stating a commitment to a “World-Class” spa experience is far less effective than this alternative: “Our goals are to provide you with the finest treatment available in a beautiful, serene environment and to help you develop a healthy lifestyle and sense of well-being” .

When we state our intention to provide a “Seamless” spa experience our staff may nod their heads in agreement, however do they really know what this means? Seamless as in lingerie, or as in technology or what? If we speak plainly, “seamless” means to make everything invisible to the client except for the magic of spa and a serene and pristine environment of relaxation.

When training a new hire do we enthusiastically explain that we are a “Client- Focused” organization? Backing up this statement with a success story and detailing what this will mean to them in terms of successful job performance on a daily basis is necessary. Bring in etiquette training to demonstrate how to act in a “client-focused” manner. Google “etiquette training” in your area to uncover a wealth of potential resources. A training DVD for $75 may be a great investment for demonstrating the values and attitudes of a “client-focused” organization.

At our spa we are guilty of using the word “synergy” to describe our treatment packages. Our spa clients are not interested in “treatment synergy” or “treatment ritual”. These words have not driven sales or interest. Clients want to have their choice in services validated by knowing the benefits of spa. Today we are obliged to communicate that spa is not a luxury and that we provide services that help our clients to radiate wellness and balance on every level – by improving the health and appearance of their skin, eliminating stagnation, and enhancing energy flow, circulation, mobility, and personal joy.

By Rhana Pytell


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