Spa Philanthropy

MoniqueThe nation on a whole is much more in tune and active in their effort to helping others. This fairly new philanthropic phenomena that is sweeping our country is responsible for a domino effect that is influencing our industry. It does not take much effort to see these new “causes, campaigns and movements” popping up around every corner. In essence, it has become “cool to care”. It is exciting and refreshing to see our once somewhat complacent industry take on a new breath of vision and direction, as we come up with innovative ways to help our community.

As I look around, it all makes perfect sense to me. We are an industry of caring and sharing individual … who better than us to take the reigns and show the world how it is done? Are we aware that the public trusts and confides in us so much that celebrity artists such as Paul Mitchell have commercials emphasizing the “loyalty” consumers have to their favorite hair dresser or spa technician. We are such a very powerful industry, not only in numbers, but also in influence. If we do not tap into this valuable resource and use it to ours and our client’s advantage, we are committing a tremendous disservice to all involved.

After all, our massage therapist are able to lend a literal “helping hand” to those rescue workers in “kneed” of relaxation after they have been working through the night. Our estheticians can connect with a skin foundation and commit to educating clients about the ABCD’s of Melanoma prevention, while giving clients alternatives to excessive sun exposure. It would be a shame to waste the heartfelt talents of such a unique and passionate group of individuals. We as therapists, companies and spa and wellness facilities have a corporate and social responsibility to each other and our community, on a national as well as grass roots level. We are obligated to reach deep within ourselves, search our hearts and come up with solutions on how we can be part of the “solution”, instead of silently hoping someone else will come along and “fix it”. It will ultimately add to our success as an industry, as all good works always do.

Karma, or “reaping what we sow” is one of the few principles all religions and walks of life seem to agree upon. So you see, collectively we are destined to succeed! We are all called to make “philanthropy fun and caring carefree” as we practice the “art and beauty of giving” in our daily lives. My challenge to you today is to decide how you can make a difference and become one of our great “Spa Philanthropist”!

Monique Iacobacci
Executive Director
SPAcare Inc.


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