Where can I start and what are some ways to effectively get involved in Spa Philanthropy?


There are a myriad of causes and efforts you can support, and it is understandable if your search could use a little direction. Do an internet search and find websites that rate and analyze the integrity and best practices of organization you had in mind. Many will give an accurate description of how and at what percentages their funds are allocated. When choosing to donate your time, money and resources to any good cause, you must first identify where you will focus your energy and in what capacity you are willing to help.

Whether you are a spa, supply company or individual there are an infinite amount of ways for you to get involved.

Here are some pointers to help this process along:

  1. Ask yourself if there is something that is close to your heart that concerns you deeply?
  2. Assist a friend or family members current philanthropic efforts as a chance to bond with them and turn it into well spent “quality time”.
  3. Find out if there is a cause that fits in with the mission of your Spa and the beauty and wellness industry. This will make it easy for your staff and co-workers to get on board with you. See if your industry has an organization that is dedicated to philanthropic causes (such as the DSA and SPAcare).
  4. Tap into the many philanthropic campaigns and programs sponsored by industry suppliers and associations that are already in place. Their goal is to make it easy for you to get involved, and they in turn need the support of their fellow industry professionals. Check out industry affiliated website and media venues to help locate them.
  5. Reach out on a grass root level to your local community. Contact local organizations, hospitals and social groups to see where you can get involved. Many large charitable organizations have local chapters that have annual fundraisers, and supply their supporters with turn key materials to help their progress.

Once you have decided on the direction in which you would like to go, decide in what capacity you would like to extend yourself:

  1. Contact a local charity and commit to working one on one with individuals or groups of people in need.
  2. Volunteer to speak at events and educate consumers about the importance of staying healthy and advocating preventative methods of health and wellness.
  3. Go behind the scenes and see what needs to be done, such as coordinating events, or sharing some resources to help an organization achieve their goals. Example: If a family member can provide printing or entertainment for free or at a nominal fee.
  4. Donate your services to be raffled or auctioned off to raise money and awareness. Ask around and see if your other contacts would be interested in doing the same.
  5. Have an event or awareness campaign geared to raise funds and educate clients.

What types of events, services and fundraising can be done?

  1. Have an event and charge a one time fee at the door of your event including all food, drinks, services and activities upon entrance.
  2. Raffle off or auctions spa items and services or recruit them from local business.
  3. Have an event program given out prior to and at your event and charge local business for the opportunity to advertise in it.
  4. Open your doors to local vendors and charge them to participate in your event. Plan to collectively market the event to your client base. If you produce an event program, be sure to give them special thanks and placement in it.
  5. Donate the full or a portion of the proceeds of services and retail sales for a day, a week or a month to a charity.
  6. Perform services at charitable events or open your doors to those in need free of charge.
  7. Starting your own “spa team” for a local walk or run. Your clients can participate by donating, joining your team, or participating in the event themselves.

There are many charities that could use the unique services of spas, wellness centers and therapists, not only for their therapeutic attributes, but also for their positive energy and their knowledge. The question is: what type of Spa Philanthropist will you be?

Monique Iacobacci
Executive Director
SPAcare Inc.


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