2009 New Year’s Resolutions

carter_michaelAs an owner of a health club and day spa that caters to women, we look forward to the month of January. In January, we like other health clubs experience our greatest health club membership enrollment and revenue growth. In 2009 as my company enters its fifth (5th) season of existence I have had the unique opportunity of experiencing and observing the challenges and difficulties a number of our client’s have had in maintaining their New Year’s Resolutions transformative goals of losing weight and developing a consistent exercise and nutritional regimen. The problem with these transformative resolutions is they often become derailed within a few weeks.

The Data Is Alarming

When you consider our individual and countries health challenges, the need to develop and maintain a sustaining health fitness regimen is critical and crucial in addressing:

Ø      125 million Americans that live with some type of chronic condition ( a medical condition lasting a year or longer) and roughly 60 million Americans that live with Multiple chronic conditions

Ø      65% of adult Americans that are either overweight or obese, and that cost an employer an additional $450 to $2,500 a year

Ø      Obese patients that spend 77% more on medications

Ø      High blood pressure which is the leading cause of disability and death from stroke, heart attack and kidney failure

Ø      Untreated hypertension that results in 33% more sick days

Ø      Smokers that average $3,400 per year in excess medical and productivity claims

Ø      1 in 3 adults that have a lifetime risk of diabetes.  Medical claims for those with diabetes are 6 times higher than for those without the disease

Source: The 2006 Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Center for Health Statistics Report

Solutions and Recommendations

So those of us in the day spa industry what are your 2009 New Year’s health/fitness transformative goals?  Is it to lose weight?  Develop a sustaining exercise regimen or to stop smoking?

In my next blog I’ll provide some helpful hints to guide you in maintaining your health and fitness goals in 2009.

Michael Carter President and Chief Executive Officer of Athena of Nashville Inc

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