Your “Tarket’s” Frame of Mind


You’ve just spent a great deal of time energy and attention on your day spa’s latest e-mail campaign sweating over the details of one of those “Godfather” offers  – you know, the kind of offer your “tarket” (target market) simply can’t refuse.

Then you send your email blast, expecting to blow your day spa’s the doors down. But instead of a flood of business, responses come dribbling in as the people on your list respond…

All that work with for such an anemic result – your email delivered numbers well below what you’d expected.

With that kind of result, it’s easy for you to get frustrated with marketing. So frustrated that you may even be thinking about scrapping all this internet marketing, especially the type using email.

You start to believe that this internet marketing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be – that you’ve been sold on a bunch of hooey by some software company that wants to extract more money from your pocket.

You even consider going back to the good old fashion word of mouth for bringing in new clients. After all you know people do come to you through word of mouth – and when compared to email marketing it costs you very little time, money and energy.

But hold your horses – internet marketing, of which email marketing to your list is a part, does work – done properly it can bring new clients into your day spa, existing clients back in more frequently and get people to spend money with you on-line.

So what do you have to do to get your internet marketing to work? The first thing is to understand your “tarket’s” frame of mind when they’re on the computer.

When a “tarket” is online using a computer, their activities fall into one of three categories.

  • Searching
  • Blogging
  • E-mailing

With each of these activities, your “tarket” has a different mindset.

So let’s start with when they’re using the search engines. When they’re searching the web, they’re in either a “problem-solution” or a “getting ready to buy something” mindset.

For example, they may have a problem with rosacea and they’re looking for a solution – or they know they want to buy a spa gift certificate for a friend in another state and they’re looking for it.

The next activity they engage in is blogging – here their mindset is one of “news or getting entertainment”. Obviously this is very different from when they’re looking to buy something or searching for a solution.

Then there’s the time your “tarket” spends on the computer emailing. When they’re emailing your “tarket” is thinking one of two things – either “let’s be productive (work) or “I wonder what’s up with so and so?”  Basically, they’re checking up on something.

When you take the work part out of the emailing – and what are we left with?

We’re left with the “tarket’s” focused on communicating with friends – or continuing relationships with people they know.

One thing’s for sure – they’re not waiting around for you to make them an offer.

That’s low on their priority list.

So what are their priorities? Their preference is to look at wedding pictures from a friend, or a message from a guy they just met.  After that it’s work related and last but not least your stuff. Now if you think about why you got them on your list in the first place it’s because they wanted information from you – information about things that make a difference to them.

But how do you keep them interested in you and your day spa- especially since they have dozens of e-mails pouring into their mailbox?

The way you keep them is through building a character – you become a character they’re interested in. They become more intrigued with your day spa than if you simply delivered pure information.

If you want proof about a person’s remembering characters more than information

just ask someone to name three things they learned in school. Then ask them to name three characters from the TV show Seinfeld. It’s a sure bet that Jerry, Elaine and Kramer will come out of their mouths before something about school does.

The bottom line is people respond more to entertainment than useful knowledge. So if you want to improve your “tarket’s” response to your e-mail marketing, become a character first and then make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Andrew Finkelstein

The Beauty Resource


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  2. Very interesting post. Thank you for sharing with us.

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