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zwang_monte1So, how is it going?  It’s the first week of March 2009, and today’s headlines included a positive day for the stock market.  Isn’t it interesting how we keep our awareness and consciousness open to that?  In the past we were oblivious.  The economy and the things which affected it were out there, and not something that affected us. Well, how do you feel now?

Are you finding extra knots and tension in your clients? Are you seeing them as often?  How has this “financial event” changed your business? There is no doubt the news and events of today’s economy are affecting your business in some way. It’s hard not to internalize, but it has been our responsibility as spa owners to let our businesses be sanctuaries for our clients; a place where they can escape from the hustle and stresses of the outside world. It has been our ability to “keep the world out” that has fostered our growth. This promises to be one of our greatest challenges today.

Financially speaking, now is a time for taking the offensive.  Knowing that economic events are affecting our clientele means that we need to be pro-active in dealing with our own financial future. Now is the time to re-negotiate everything – our lease, bank notes, credit cards, compensation plans, vendor minimums – everything. This year is a year we walk the high wire without a safety net. Every step must be placed carefully in front of the other slowly, cautiously and confidently.

Monte Zwang

Wellness Capital Management, Inc.


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  1. Great post. The spa where I work often suffers from stressed-boss-syndrome, often making the atmosphere not so relaxing.

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