Believe Me!

lauren-smSometimes our biggest obstacle to overcoming challenges and reaching our goals is simply our belief in ourselves and our abilities.  Consider this: in 1954 in Oxford, England, Roger Bannister became the first man to break the four minute mile.  Doctors said it was physically impossible. Yet once he broke that record and the world saw that it was actually possible – within 45 days, 16 other runners had broken it too. Amazing, right?  Once the belief was there, others overcame the obstacle.  It has become my mission to show salon professionals that once you believe in yourself, you can achieve any goal – once you take action.

The first step towards success is simply to define your goals, while also establishing where your business currently stands.  Most salon professionals that I meet have similar goals: to have less stress in their lives, more peace and balance, to earn more money and work less hours.  Your goals may be similar to these too.  Yet when I ask beauty professionals for specifics about their career plans, they often don’t have details clearly identified.  Salon owners and technicians may be struggling just to get by and don’t have any idea where they want their business to go or how they stand financially.  Think about this: if you needed driving directions and got on the computer to use MapQuest, it would ask you where you currently were and where you wanted to go.

If you didn’t know where you were or what your destination was, it would be impossible to get those directions!As a beauty professional, you need to create a detailed analysis of where your business currently stands and where you want it to go.  Now you can get your directions!  To achieve your new goals, you will start to implement specific salon systems into a business plan.  Once you get your baseline established and determine a new target, suddenly your new financial goals become very real and attainable.

You will begin to see the possibilities that you may not even have realized before. Often, salon professionals don’t yet see the true potential of how much they are really capable of earning.  They may also have the subconscious belief that they aren’t worth it.  So many times, we carry baggage with us from negative views that others have given us, sometimes for our entire lives.  All this baggage really represents is fear that weighs you down and keeps you from living your dreams.  Don’t let anyone steal your dream!  Your purpose in life is to find your gift.  Your meaning is to give your gift away to others.

We have a formula for taking action to reach your goals and dreams:

  1. Take the risk,
  2. Never leave the scene of a goal without taking action
  3. Do it afraid

Plunging ahead while being afraid is the very definition of courage.  Once you believe in yourself, that once unattainable goal – your four minute mile – just became reachable!   Believe me!

Lauren Gartland, President

Inspiring Champions

Our Business Is Taking Your Business To The Top!


PHN:       800-496-9305



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