Do The Bump!

lauren-smOne of the easiest and most profitable salon systems to immediately start implementing in your business is the “bump,” or “upsell.”  McDonald’s has to be the best example of a successful business regularly using the bump. Back in the 1970s, McDonald’s realized that they could upsell customers by merely asking them if they wanted to add a side of French fries to their order.  McDonald’s marketers caught on to the fact that when customers are already buying, they are open to the idea of buying more.  As a salon or spa owner or professional, you too can take advantage of this very easy way to increase your profits!

If the idea of upselling makes you uncomfortable, remember that your goal is never to pressure your client into unwanted services.  Your goal is to create a picture for your clients of what they can become. It’s a win-win for everyone, as you are giving them enhanced results with a small price increase while greatly increasing your income over time. To understand just how much they can raise your profits, consider how McDonald’s raised theirs back in the 1970s. At that time, French fries cost .60 per bag, which may not seem like much. Yet one franchiser realized that fries were not being ordered by 200 customers per day at his stores.  So they simply started asking customers if they wanted fries in addition to their order. You know what happened?  Half of the customers said yes! One hundred more orders of fries per day equaled $60 per day and $21,840 per year. McDonald’s soon implemented the sales technique in every franchise and the rest is history.

Now you see the potential profits that upselling can bring to your business or salary.  What is the salon or spa equivalent to a bag of French fries?  Perhaps you offer a hair conditioning treatment, a glossing treatment or other specialized services?  If you don’t currently offer these types of add-ons, you should.  Remember how much more profit McDonald’s made over a year with their increased sales of .60 French fries?  Let’s say you have a conditioning treatment that costs $20 and you do just two a day. In a week’s time you’ve made $200 above your baseline.  Over a 50 week period you’ve totaled $10,000 above baseline!

Everyone in the beauty industry can do the bump.  Nail technicians can add on airbrush designs, jeweled nail art or offer paraffin soaks with their standard manicures. Massage therapists can add on spa treatments like heated hand and foot mitts and aromatherapy. Estheticians can add on eye & lip treatments, spa body treatments or makeup application. Waxing and other hair removal techniques are great add-ons for estheticians and many hairstylists are also able to offer these services, at least for eyebrows and upper lips.

Remember that you are in a position to enhance your client’s salon experience and upsells are a great way to offer them added results.  Now go do the bump!

Lauren Gartland, President

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