lauren-smTaking the first step is the way every journey begins.  Climbing a mountain ultimately begins with just taking the first step.  Making small changes in your day spa business is how you will begin to transform your career and your life. When heated at 211 degrees, water is just hot.  At 212 degrees – it boils!  One degree makes all the difference.  With boiling water, steam is created and with steam, you can power a locomotive!  Now do you see how important small changes are?  While your ultimate goal may seem overwhelming to you right now, small steps are always doable.  One important small step you can immediately start to implement in your business is to always pre-book your client’s next appointment.

 Don’t rely on your spa or salon receptionist to book your clients’ appointments. Only you know when your clients need to see you again. This is the most valuable way to ensure that you are creating better service for your clients and getting them into your business more often. You will increase your revenues 30 to 50% by consistently prebooking 75% or more of your clients. Do the math – let’s say you have 150 clients with an average service ticket of $65. That equals $9,750 in revenue. If you pre-book them to come in once a month, your year-end revenue totals $117,000.  If you fail to pre-book your client, statistically they will come in only 3 to 4 times a year.  Based on this, if they make 5 visits a year, your revenue will drop to $48,750. That is a loss of $68,250.  You can clearly see how quickly you can increase your income by thousands of dollars by making pre-booking a top priority.

 Never just ask a client: “Would you like to schedule your next appointment?” The common response is no, followed by an excuse such as “I’ll call you,” or “I don’t know my schedule.”  Avoid yes or no questions, because you will usually get a no!  Instead, lead the guest with open ended questions.  Say, “To achieve your skincare goals that we started working on today, I will need to see you back here in four weeks.  Would you prefer the first part or the later part of the week?”  Based on the answer, give them two choices of days.  If they say the later part of the week, ask if they would prefer Thursday or Friday?  Only give two options even if there are more.  Next, give them two choices for the part of day.  If they say Friday, ask them if they want the morning or afternoon? Complete the script by giving them choice of time.  If they don’t know their schedule, offer to pencil them in now and let them know they can always reschedule later.  If the receptionist has to officially book their appointment, you could write out a ticket with their preferred time and let the receptionist finalize it.  After you have discovered what your client’s pattern is over time, you can offer to pre-book them for a year. 

 By following day spa and salon systems such as this, you are guaranteed to get faster and better results! The greatest failure is being afraid to try.  If you’re not failing – you’re not playing the game full out. You will always be putting yourself on the line when you are marketing yourself, offering new services to clients, advising them on products or pre-booking their appointment.  What if they say no?  What ‘no’ really means is that you haven’t shown them enough value.  Educate your clients on your services and products and offer them more value during their salon or spa visit. A no today could be a yes tomorrow! 

 By taking these types of small steps, you have begun your journey.  Remember that water starts to boil with only that one degree of difference.  It’s time to turn up the heat in your salon or day spa business!

Lauren Gartland, President

Inspiring Champions

Our Business Is Taking Your Business To The Top!

EML:       Info@InspiringChampions.com

PHN:       800-496-9305

WEB:   www.inspiringchampions.com


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