Crafting Your Business Story

LAURA CONNELLYCrafting Your Business Story…

 What a great time it has been sharing information with you on marketing to your “one and only” customer. By now I hope you can see the importance of storytelling in today’s experience economy. The ability to contextualize your story so that it is meaningful to your customer and relates to their experience is your next call to action. In a competitive and attention deficit marketplace, you must engage personally, authentically and with impact.

 Contextualizing for you means putting your good market research to work by speaking the language of your target customer and relating the benefits of your services as it pertains to your customer’s “experience” vs. selling the features. So… you have great equipment and experienced staff, but what does that mean to me?  This is your task…to create context for each customer walking through your door or buying your product.  

 The next time you sit down and look at your marketing communications strategy, try thinking about communicating in story and in context. Your story can engage, inspire, inform, compel, influence, educate and most importantly connect you with your customer in a powerful and authentic fashion. Oh and did I say SELL FOR YOU! Here is how storytelling comes to life in marketing…

 DESIGN: Emotionally engage your customer and command market relevance through imagery and metaphor.

BRAND DEVELOPMENT: Craft your story and mission

 PR & PROMOTION: Contextualize and bring your story to life through narrative

 MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS: Captivate and create empathic connections with your target customer through customer centric dialogue and language

 CUSTOMER IDENTIFICATION & SEGMENTATION: Create community and tribal markets and build brand loyalty through real understanding of your customer’s psychographics and primal needs

 Obviously the context that is important for all your customers today is “value”. With this broad macro understanding of our economy, it is now important to frame your story in the context of “value”. Learning how value is perceived by your customer is another important “to do”.  I leave you with a tip…

 Health and Wellness and Survival are key contextual elements of your story. Where pampering and indulging was the context in the eighties, maintaining good health and managing stress is real context for the millennium. This is ideal context for the wellness purveyor. Speaking to the need and anxieties of maintaining health and warding off illness is a huge narrative in which to craft your story. Just don’t forget …”it’s all about meeee!

 Laura Connolly
Wellness Communications Specialist
Trendscapes Media
Serving Wellness Lifestyle & Culture


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