How to write effective emails that don’t trigger spam filters

Seth_Prof_PhotoHow to write effective emails that don’t trigger spam filters

If done right, email marketing is a uniquely effective marketing tool for spa businesses.  It facilitates and initiates transactions, drives customers to your website and ultimately to your spa. 

There is a huge misconception that volume is key, the more email contacts on your list automatically translates to higher response rates and conversion.  The truth is that each ISP (Internet Service Providers) like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail has become increasingly sophisticated at filtering out emails that consumers don’t want to receive.  In the world of email lists, the quality of the list will always trump quantity.

So what defines a quality email list and how can you be sure your emails get to existing clients?  Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to more effectively marketing your spa to existing clients and potential customers.

Building a great list begins in your spa every day.  The trust you build with your clients will bring you success when you communicate with them utilizing email marketing.  They will be much more likely to share their email address and respond to your communication.  If your emails offer consistent value to these clients you will see higher conversion rates.

Take the building of your email list seriously. Make sure visitors to your website can add their email address, have addresses gathered when a spa service reservation is made and make it a priority for the front desk.   Your spa email list will grow rapidly and it will be a terrific list of qualified and relevant addresses from your existing client base.

Keeping your emails from triggering spam filers and from being blacklisted is an ongoing effort but worth the time to ensure that the maximum number of emails sent are actually received.

Double Opt-in your email list on a regular basis.

Double Opt-In means that once your spa client has given you their email address you send them an email to confirm it is their email and obtain their permission to use it.  That means that they must respond to your email, usually with one click, or they will be taken off the list.

This ensures that only the people who want an email from you receive it.  Life happens, consider that 1 in 6 Americans move each year, 16.8%, and your email list must adapt accordingly to account for clients who are no longer active or just don’t want to receive your emails.

It also lowers your risk of being tagged as a spammer by ensuring that you have the correct address before you send out a mass mailing.  If you are blacklisted you can forward your record that the client did opt-in to your emails.

Give your clients a way to unsubscribe.

Add an unsubscribe (Opt-out) option to your emails.  It puts the communication control exactly where it should be, with the client.  It builds trust, awareness and ensures client privacy has been honored.  The unsubscribe option will take clients that choose not to receive your email off the list.

Avoid words and phrases that trigger spam filters.

There are more than 250 words that can trigger spam filters but spas will most likely be limited to a few words:  Free, Limited-Time-Offer, promise, all natural, free sample, great offer, cash, money, specials, promotion, guarantee.  Try not to use these words in the content of your email, especially in the subject line.

For a complete spam word list you can Google, “spam filter words.”

Keep your email communications simple.

  • Avoid heavy graphics in your emails.  Graphics in your emails can adjust in the transfer to the client’s in-box and can reduce response rates and trigger filters.
  • Avoid all capital letters in the subject line.
  • Check for typographical errors before the email is sent.
  • Do not include punctuation to the subject line.

Personalize your emails like you personalize your spa services.

Be direct and relevant in your emails to clients.  If you offer value or communicate relevant information to your clients they will respond positively.  They will continue to want to receive your emails, stay active and you are less likely be blacklisted by ISPs.

Check the blacklist to see if you are on it, despite best intentions.

The Blacklist is a list of email senders who are determined to be sending unsolicited spam emails.  Legitimate businesses can be blacklisted; you should check your domain name on a regular basis.  This means that each time you send out an email communication it will be blocked by the ISP that has blacklisted your domain name.  There are a number of online services that allow you to check your domain name against many of the blacklisted senders, just Google “check email blacklists.”

Writing effective, anti-spam filter, emails is really not that hard, it just takes a little time and upkeep.  It all flows together with email communications that keep your clients top of mind.  Make each email valuable to them by offer, promotion or relevant content and make sure it gets delivered.  Taking this responsibility ensures that each communication enhances your client relationships and your reputation.

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