The Power of Online Gifts

Seth_Prof_PhotoAccording to Forrester Research, online retail sales are expected to reach $44.7 billion during the months of November and December 2009, an 8% increase over 2008.  This means that consumers are continuing to shift to the web for their holiday shopping.  Online shopping offers the hassle-free convenience that malls just can’t deliver to consumers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase revenue at your spa and provide clients with the online purchasing option they demand during the holiday.

Offer online instant gift certificates.

Online gift certificates don’t require your spa to manage inventory.  The more gift certificates that are purchased from your spa website means appointments for treatments in 2010.  Many of these customers will be new, a referral of sorts from existing clients who want to share the amazing spa experiences they have at your spa. A gift giver who purchases an online instant gift certificate from your spa may never walk through its threshold because he is buying a spa gift for someone else.

Offer ease and simplicity.

Consumers are avoiding the lines, the crowds and the painful last-minute shopping at the Mall.  They are conducting their holiday shopping from the comfort and tranquility of their couch.  Giving clients and gift givers the option to purchase instant gift certificates from your spa website eliminates all the hassle associated with holiday shopping.  Make shopping at your spa website as easy as the big retail online experience. It will give them the perfect excuse to make a purchase from your spa instead.

Offer an instant gift option up to the very last moment.

The US postal service has declared December 21st as the very last date consumers, sending packages using the hyper-expensive express mail service, can expect their gifts to arrive on Christmas Day. 

Meanwhile, research shows that online instant spa gift purchases are still revving up to satisfy all the last-minute gift needs.  Consumers often send instant spa gifts on Christmas day and the recipients will never know the difference.  It is the ultimate last-minute gift option to promote in your spa during the holiday.

Promote online gifts in your spa.

The most successful spas promote their online gift certificates all year.  They clearly promote online instant gift certificates and remind existing clients that they have the best holiday shopping solutions. 

Utilizing email marketing to promote online gifts to existing clients is very successful during the holidays.  It puts your spa top of mind and gives clients a great gift solution, and all just a click away.

The best gifts in life become treasured memories.  It is that gift we receive that has an unexpected benefit to our life right now, for a moment, an hour or a day.  These gifts linger and stay with us long after it has been used and even motivate us to change our lives for the better.  This year offer spa gifts that make the recipient feel that they do indeed live charmed lives and offer the convenience to the gift giver who might not ever enter your spa.

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  1. Some very interesting and insightful thoughts. I like this.^_^ because I have a blog about gifts too.

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