Quick Fix

While bookings in hair and nail salons might be up around the holidays, spas may have reduced demand for facials and massages- the services that take an hour or plus because clients are squeezed for time.

 Spas report more last minute cancellations when their clients simply run out of time and tend to cut spa visit in favor of a holiday party or more shopping time. But there is positive news and potential revenues from services requiring little time: spas report an increase in last minute inquiries for services that offer a “QUICK FIX” to remedy the well known “after parties” skin conditions, dark circles, skin dehydration, and fatigue that shows on their faces, or aches their bodies. Due to the booked social calendars guests may favor shorter services. Here are a few tips on how you can increase revenues and the number of visits for 15 to 30 minutes spa visits.

  • De-stress 10, 20 and 30 minutes massages; chair massages are popular because guests do not have to change
  • Facial exfoliation and massage can make an express “freshness boost” before a party. Keep the service to no more than 25 minutes. You may include a shoulder massage, or hand and arm massage while the mask is on
  • Detox session for the eyes; refer to the eye treatment I referred to a couple of weeks ago. It includes a massage and eye products to reduce dark circles, lines and puffiness around the eyes
  • Lymphatic drainage massage on the face or body to detox, relax, hydrate and brighten the complexion
  • Sell a “holiday at home package” for the face, including 2 products such as an ampoule and a mask, for a quick “hydration  fix”
  • Sell a “spa ritual” bath kit or shower kit including an exfoliating product for the body and a body lotion

 Tell all your clients about those services, send e-mails, call clients, place signage in the windows, and promote them on your web site

Catherine Atzen, MBA
Cidesco Diplomat, NCEA
Business Consultant
Ph: 408 353 2605 PST
Em: catherineatzen@flash.net


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