A challenging year is coming to an end and it is not too soon!

Now, the past year’s experience is not all bad if you put things in perspective. Hear me out;

  • For one, it forced us to get out of the mode of business as usual- because business as usual in a recession leads to losses, set backs, or worse, bankruptcy. Some business failed in 2009 due to no fault of their own, others could have made it if they had had a worse case scenario plan, better marketing, a financial cushion, less waste… because they were barely sustainable in the first place, but the owners and staff may not have been aware of their business’s weakness when the economy was good.
  • Second, employees and employers are working very closely to multiply marketing efforts, offer the very best services to clients, and reduce unnecessary expenses and waste – to stay in business and protect their families’ livelihood.
  • Third, the environment benefits; spas use the dryer less and air dry lab coats, turn off light in unused rooms reducing their carbon footprint and expenses. It is now fashionable to “brag” about saving energy. You no longer look cheap when you protect the environment and your pocket book! Let’s hope it will last!

I could list many other things, but you get the picture.

Fortunately most spas and vendors in our industry tweaked their business model quickly to survive the reduced income most faced. Good business acumen, determination, long hours and hard work, and a winning attitude save businesses in a downturn. Congratulations you made it; now get ready for 2010. There is no time to waste; you are not completely secure yet! (Sorry)

Now what is coming for 2010? I will not list the “mostly” good news about getting out of the recession; the news media does a good job at that. I will make one first suggestion for 2010: take time to reflect, analyze, and evaluate all aspects of your business. This includes inventories, services on your menu, staffing, marketing, communication, finance, and advertising. Speak with colleagues, marketing experts, finance/ accounting professionals, staff and vendors to get ideas, feedback, and advice as to how you can make 2010 an excellent year. Plan now, anticipate challenges, tackle the unknown, and you will be in the driver seat in 2010.”

Catherine Atzen, MBA
Cidesco Diplomat
Business Consultant
Direct: 408 353 2605 PST
Cell: 408 892 4570
Fax: 408 353 8517


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  1. Saw your blog bookmarked on Delicious. I love your site and marketing strategy.

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