A New Decade Awaits – Isn’t It Time to Bust Your Rut?

The last year has been difficult for many of us in many different ways. I know several people who were only too happy to host a “calendar burning” to symbolize the end of the year. I’d like to propose that we all take that thought one step further and begin the New Year and the New Decade by helping ourselves and others to banish the blues and bust out of our rut!

For myself- I am not making any resolutions, but I have given myself a few new Mantras to practice during the coming year. Most importantly I am going to take the time to look and reflect on “old habits” and replace them with new habits or behaviors. When our personal, emotional and financial resources are strained-we all have a tendency to just stay with these old systems, policies and ways of doing business.  So to get us off on the right foot for the next decade I am sharing some of the best ideas to bust out of a rut!

Mantra # 1- ABM- Always Be Marketing

5  New Marketing Strategies

1.  Attended a class? Send in a press release to your weekly or neighborhood newsletter. Local papers love to highlight local accomplishments and news items.  Send a picture too!

2.  Have you seen those “total vehicle” wraps which are a moving advertisement for a business? They are hard to miss!  If this is too dramatic for you-a couple of advertising car magnets will do. You will be surprised how many calls and questions from fellow drivers you will get! I recently got a new client while pumping my gas!

 3.   Contact your favorite local charity-ask to see the fundraising calendar for the year. One or more events will undoubtedly be a perfect match as partnership for your business. Whether it is the local animal shelter, food bank or health related group the potential for a mutually rewarding business opportunity is great.  If you volunteer- you will be exposed to a new group of potential clients. Think creative here-maybe you can offer your spa as a location for an event- or add value to an event already planned by providing on site chair massage, make overs or other services.  The possibilities are really endless and up to you!

4.  Reach out to a professional group or individual that you have “meant to call” this last year. This could be the local gym, Mothers of Pre-Schoolers Group, retired teachers group or a group that fits your target market. Make a contact; explore what you can offer each other.  At the worst you will have made one new contact-with the potential for many more and host of new referrals.

5.  New business cards??  Take a fresh look at your business cards…they are still one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing strategies!  Is the back of the card working too?  Has your message or focus changed?  Update that card and you will feel updated too!

Trying just one new strategy this week and saying the “Always Be Marketing” mantra will help you bust out of your rut and embrace the coming year!

Patti Biro
Patti Biro and Associates
EM:  biroassociates@aol.com


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