Approach your marketing & business promotion in a different way

By now I hope that you are wondering what my other Mantras for the coming year are!  If you read the last blog you know that every morning I begin the day by consciously thinking about marketing.   My first Mantra of the Year is ABM- Always Be Marketing.   My second Mantra is DSD- Do Something Different.

Remember the days of “broadcast faxing” as a way of getting the word out? Just like that is so “90’s” to us today I will bet many of the marketing ideas or strategies you are using-have long outlived their effectiveness. The truth is that you only have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention-and we all respond to novelty.   Here are five tips to help get you thinking about approaching your marketing and business promotion in a different way.

    1.  Take a different route.  If you always drive to work and home the same way how will you see a new business, school or housing development where potential customers are? Vow to take a different route-even if you go slightly out of your way just to get a new perspective on things!

2.   Capitalize on your connections.  If you belong to a church, synagogue or social group ask yourself how you can develop this connection into a marketing opportunity. I recently read where the entire women’s ministry group held their retreat at a local day spa…with services of course!

 3.  Change your routine!  Are your clients working later and asking you to do the same? Changing your hours to meet your client’s needs first may help to ensure retaining those clients!  Ask your clients- they will tell you if they want earlier or later hours, shorter sessions or week-end appointments.  Consider offering short lunch hour sessions to encourage the working client!

4.   Not all marketing works all the time. Vow to try at least one new idea-an e-mail marketing campaign, host a “girls night out”, participate in a wedding or baby fair, host a “prom-prep” class at your spa, trying at least one new idea will lead to other great ideas!

5.   Benchmark!  How will you know if what you are doing is working? Yes I know this is hard-but if you take the effort to try a new strategy-you have to determine your measure of success from the beginning!  Before you begin-ask yourself “How will I know that this idea worked?”  Jot it down and refer to it daily while you are planning and practicing that new idea.

Go forth and practice those Mantras!  I recommend writing them on a sticky note and putting it on your bathroom mirror or the car dashboard so you see it frequently!

Patti Biro
Patti Biro and Associates


3 Responses

  1. Patti,

    In a world of diminishing attention spans and 15 second sound bytes; engaging and maintaining contact with one’s customer can be a difficult propisition for many, especially if one is not using the correct strategies or technologies. Your suggestions of doing things differently and setting a plan for measurability of success are spot on.

    Although we are in a weak economy, it’s important for businesses not to “pack-it-in” with their advertising and marketing efforts, in fact they should expand that effort. I want to be clear here… this doesn’t mean that more money needs to be spent…it just needs to be directed into different, more effective channels that will cut through all the “noise” and produce a measurable result. How does one do this? By leveraging two important marketing technologies.

    Two emerging technologies that are gaining traction because of their ability to engage the customer and maintain constant contact with them are; place-based media/digital signage and mobile marketing. It may surprise people to know that digital out-of-home media is the fastest growing media channel. It is because it enables business to very affordably engage their customers and inform/educate them on the benefits of products and services offered so that they are better equipped to make a purchasing decision at point-of-sale or refer a new client to the business. In essence, digital signage can deliver the right message, in the right place at the right time.

    Digital Signage systems can be procured, installed and managed very affordably and when partnered with mobile marketing campaigns can provide an extremely efficient way for a business to build a VIP/loyalty program that they can leverage to launch future promotions for a fraction of the cost of print, tv or radio. The power behind it is that we all carry cell phones and research has shown consumers are not opposed to receiving texts with offers and coupons from brands they trust. So your customer is always within reach.

    Another benefit to leveraging digital out-of-home is that it can produce a completely new revenue stream for the business owner through advertising; creating the seed money a business needs so they can invest in additional advertising and marketing campaigns. Now that is smart marketing!

    If anyone should have any questions about these technologies please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  2. thanks for the great information.

  3. Patti,
    thanks I learned a lot.

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