RNBFF- Can you take a wild guess what this is?

Have you been practicing your new mantras for the coming year? Just to remind you, the first two mantras are ABM- Always Be Marketing and DSD-Do Something Different.  Because most of us can only remember three key thoughts at one time there is only one more mantra to share with you.

RNBFF- Can you take a wild guess what this is?  Research is my New Best Friend Forever!  By now you have probably seen dozens of “trend reports” for 2010 for everything from cosmetics, functional foods, fitness trends, and of course the day spa industry. But what can you really do with that information?

I believe that consumer trends and especially consumer research data on buying patterns and motivators can help us all make better marketing and business decisions. The benefit for you is that it may save you money, increase your customer base and perhaps even save you heart burn by preventing some bad decisions.

Here is my take on what I think just one of the trend reports is trying to tell us. If we take the time to listen.  Remember-these are just my opinions based on what I have read and researched.

Pampering has gone the way of the dinosaur.  Reading the data from the fitness, wellness, and nutritional world tells me that clients are looking for PREVENTION and wellness services and support.  One of the most significant trends noted this year is the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) 2009 Consumer Report noting that 32% of Americans are seeking massage for medical or health reasons.  For the first time stress reduction tied with relaxation as the top two reasons why people get a massage.

So what does that mean?  Massage is an important “gateway” service to a day spa. It remains the most popular of all day spa services. The first thing I would do is take a look at my menu and description of services and promote the wellness aspects of stress reduction and relaxation through massage. Forget about pampering-potential clients are looking for prevention strategies to manage their stress, remain mentally alert and healthy!

What else can you do with this information?  If stress reduction is a prime driver in seeking massage-ask yourself what other services do you offer that address this stated need?  It might be aromatherapy, yoga, foot reflexology, just about any other service that you offer.  Link this service s with your massage services and create “stress buster” packages. Use massage to introduce these additional services to your clients with every tool you have at your disposal!

Anything else?  Ask yourself who in your target demographic or area is most stressed. It may be mothers of pre-school children, new retirees, persons coping with chronic diseases, or teenagers. The target groups will be different depending on your target market and client group. Each of these groups has multiple ways to reach out to them to share the benefits of your services!  One of my clients has gained a new group of clients by offering short spa services during the hours that the “Mother’s Day Out” group meets at a local church.  The moms drop off the kids, then hit the spa for a short R & R break. Finishing just in time to pick the kiddies up. Needless to say-they are in a better mood than when they dropped them off!

Those are just a few of the ways that listening to what the trends and research reports have to say can be translated into great marketing  and client development ideas for your spa! Remember to practice your new mantra-Research is my New Best Friend Forever!

Patti Biro
Patti Biro and Associates
EM: biroassociates@aol.com


2 Responses

  1. I was struck by how often the distinguished speakers spoke about the importance of exercise, diet, stress reduction and mind/body medicine. They used terms such as wellness, integrative health, integrative wellness, behavior modification, and health coaching. There was a lot of reference to patient-centered medicine or people-centered care and mindfulness. These are all terms that we use often in the spa industry! Unfortunately, however, not once did I hear the word spa mentioned.

  2. Hmm that’s quiet interessting but honestly i have a hard time understanding it… wonder how others think about this..

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