Wrapping up the Mantras

In closing this blog post on my three personal mantas for the coming year I hope to share just a few thoughts on how to move from the “chanting” stage to the “acting” stage. The three mantras I have shared over the last blogs are: ABM-Always Be Marketing, DSD-Do Something Different, and RNBFF- Research is my New Best Friend Forever.


Do a new take on the open house theme

Let’s face it-day spas are not the most welcoming of environments for a new comer or a novice spa-goer. Trend research tells me that people like to try “spa-ing” in groups. It is less threatening, requires less of a commitment and has built in “support” when a group gets together. Rather than just inviting everyone you know or anyone who has ever visited your spa-try targeting an open house to a specific group-maybe a drop in spa open house after school if you are trying to target the high school prom market. Perhaps a daytime open house just for “Silver Spa-ers” if that is one of your new targets. You can tailor the entire event from timing, service demonstrations, invitations, and other details to the specific group.

I’ll be talking in depth on this topic at the upcoming Day Spa Business Forum & Expo in March and I hope you will take advantage of this excellent educational opportunity. You’ll get a chance to practice all three mantras at once if you attend!

Tailor your marketing plan to help you practice the mantras

When I mention marketing strategies in my classes-I frequently get a response such as “Oh, I used to do that when I first started in business”. In today’s economy doing something old-can be new again. This might include seeking out local groups that would welcome a speaker or lecture demonstration on the benefits of spa and wellness services, or volunteering at a local walk, bike, and golf or fitness event to promote your business. Research your local options-what are the best attended events? What kinds of activities are your current clients involved in? That is where you want to be.

Seek new partners who can help you as you help them

New potential partners are everywhere! Take a few moments to really read your local community paper. Small community newspapers are still widely read. Ask yourself who in this paper-either an individual or a group is targeting the same market you are? Call or e-mail them. You may discover the synergy of a partnership that re-energizes your marketing efforts and your business.

Best wishes for a successful and healthy year ahead. Practicing your new mantras will give you a fresh approach to the challenges and successes ahead!

Patti Biro
Patti Biro and Associates
EM: biroassociates@aol.com


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  1. Mantras are a good way to help program the mind in preparation for actually carrying out one’s intention. ABM and DSD are most suitable for those wanting to succeed in the area of marketing.

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