Networking for success

I guess you could say I am always networking for success. That is I am constantly trying to meet new people at events, trade shows, classes and online in an effort to pique their interest in my business and learn about theirs. It is also one of the main reasons I like going to the Day Spa Expo every year.Unfortunately, one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard about networking is from folks who aren’t comfortable meeting new people or being in group settings. In fact, I was one of these people many years ago when I first became a massage therapist. But as necessity mandated that I build my practice, I learned to look at a room full of strangers as a room full of potential clients. It became a lot easier to talk to people everywhere about what I did after that attitude adjustment.

Now as a business consultant that helps other service-oriented professionals (such as spa owners, massage therapists, yoga instructors, estheticians, chiropractors and even computer technicians) I try to help people find marketing tools and vehicles that suit their personality best. Perhaps not everyone is cut out for joining a leads group or other structured networking organization. But they would work well and enjoy serving in a volunteer position that complements what they already do or puts them in touch with people who can use their services. And in my opinion, spa professionals of all kinds can benefit tremendously by networking with their peers at trade shows and conferences like the Day Spa Expo.

To me networking is just about spreading the word about what you do and making business connections that can be of help to you and others you know down the road. You never know what solutions or opportunities may come just by meeting one or two new people. So I encourage networkers to always be prepared to share their business with others wherever they go and to be open to the many possibilities that can come from “planting” and “watering” the seeds of their business along the way.

The bottom line is that networking is good for your business. At the Day Spa Expo and Business Forum there will be lots of opportunities to meet and interact with other industry professionals, vendors, and consultants. Carry plenty of business cards with you at the Expo – wherever you go really – and be ready to tell people what you do and to ask what they do. Invite them to be part of your circle of contacts and begin a mutually rewarding relationship of business support and friendship.

Networking: Just one of the reasons I love going to the Day Spa Expo and Business Forum. Hope to see you there!

 Spa Consultant & Trainer 
NCBTMB Approved Provider
Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach 



4 Responses

  1. I live in Los Angeles, CA and I’m in the day spa industry. Unfortunately about a year and a half ago the spa I was working at closed down due to a poor ecomony. I’m interested in finding out if there are any career expo’s in the area and what the dates are.

    • So sorry to hear that your former employer had to close their shop – unfortunatley that happened to quite a few of our members. We just concluded the Day Spa Expo & Business Forum in Las Vegas this past weekend, which would have given you an opportunity to network with many day spa owners. I suggest that you take a look at our spa members listed on our website and see if they have any openings – also check out the emlpyment page on the site. Tradeshows are listed on our trade show calendar. We wish you all the best in your search for your next spa job. Hannelore

  2. Good Article. I trying to get my wife to open up a spa and came across this site. keep up the good work.

    • Roger – we have publication THE DAY SPA BUSINESS BIBLE, which will give you wife and you much information what is needed to open a day spa … once you have all the information what it takes, then you can make an educated decision.
      We only have three copies left of this manual – call our office at 201-865-2065 if you are interested.
      Hannelore Leavy, Executive Director, The Day Spa / International Medical Spa Association

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