Get Clients Ready For The New Year Of Beautycare


We really have a tremendous opportunity to celebrate each year with promotions and marketing events that will attract new clients, while also introducing our regular guests to new services.  It’s time to create a full annual calendar of exciting monthly marketing promotions that are client and community oriented.  The most progressive full-service Day Spa Salons are more than a phenomena today, they are a successful reality!

As comfortable as we are with day spa salons and our full array of luxury services, we must truly remember that many more people have not experienced a day spa service yet!  You have to develop your day spa clientele by constantly working to expand the services provided to your regulars, while also developing promotions that will attract new first-time clients.  Creating the normal paid advertisements, discounted special services and other marketing events are just some of the methods to build day spa service sales.

Progressive day spa marketeers design something for every week and month of the calendar year to build both service and retail programs.  The following promotional concepts and ideas are suggestions to get your 2001 Marketing and promotions Calendar started.  Let’s start with the basics.

STAFF MARKETING MEETINGS: Begin with an interactive staff meeting where everyone must come prepared to share at least several of their own fresh day spa promotional ideas that will:

  • Attract new day spa service clients
  • Keep day spa regulars coming back again and again
  • Introduce regulars to new day spa services
  • Get your day spa salon team involved within the local communities
  • Generate community excitement without the need for constant ‘paid advertisements’
  • Build personal and day spa salon team sales
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Create ongoing FUN Team Spirit

Keep these meetings set up as informal discussions, so everyone has a chance to suggest new ideas.  Tell everyone that each month two staff members will be placed in charge of a promotional activity promoting various day spa services and products.  During the meeting, create a big DAY SPA PROMOTIONS LIST written on large sheets of paper, posted on the wall.  Never criticize any idea during this interchange.  The manager and the entire staff should help work on each promotional event, yet it is up to the two designated staff members, to supervise the event no matter how big or small.  Attempt to get everyone involved, one month at a time. Start properly by making each promotional activity a true team event, not something you assign or create for the staff.

MONTHLY PROMOTIONAL CALENDARS: Target a major special theme or prospective new clientele base every month of the year, even if you have one, two, three or four events per month.  If you have not done this before, start slowly with one promotion per month, ramping up to multiple retail and service promotions by mid-year.  Here are just a few calendarized ideas to get you started:

January: New Year – New You Total Beautycare Makeover Events

February: Sweetheart Specials & Couples Events

March: Spring Aromatherapy Celebration & Lady’s Club Event

April: Easter Fundraising & Spring Celebration Events

May: Special Mother’s Day Events & Prom Packages

June: Graduations & Father’s Day Specials

July: Summer Fun In The Sun Promotions

August: Back-To-School, Teacher & Sorority Events

September: Fall Fashion Events & TV Talk Shows

October: Fall Back – Into New Day of Beauty & SpaWorks Events

November: Business Women’s Specials & Programs

December: Holiday Gift Certificate & Gift Basket Promotions

Larry H. Oskin

President of Marketing Solutions



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