Gift Certificates


Gift Certificates are a great way to increase cash flow and help business revenues.

You have 2 major events coming up:  Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Don’t miss out.

 Here are a few tips to market GC:

  • Word of mouth:  Have your staff tell all clients coming to the spa and on the Phone – GC make life easy!
  • Promote GC on your web site and get a shopping cart – so purchases are made online, can get sent to the recipient or the buyer.

Have beautiful certificates (printed from your computer on nice stock) and nice envelops or boxes

Make a very visible display of GC, a. Sign in the reception area, front window if you have a store front, b. a reminder in each treatment room as well as changing rooms and bathrooms.

To sell more in this challenging economy offer a gift with purchase or an extra coupon to the buyer. For instance: buy a GC for a facial and receive a 20$ coupon to use on retail or services. The gift can be given to the recipient or kept by the buyer. Let buyers decide; they like to make the choice.

Send e-mail blasts – more than one as repetition reminds them to buy.

Call your clients to offer GC and wish them happy holidays

 Mailings are an option but are costly.

Last – make the process easy;  let them extend or change the recipient etc.

It is all about value and service!

Catherine Atzen, MBA
Cidesco Diplomat, NCEA
Business Consultant
Ph: 408 353 2605 PST
Fax: 408 353 8517



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