Fine Dining

lauren-smYour client’s experience in your salon or spa is like a restaurant meal.  First you order drinks or a bottle of wine. Then an appetizer, followed by soup or salad and then your entrée. To finish you’d have dessert with coffee or drinks. The equivalent in your business would be a full salon or spa experience, with more services to extend the client’s encounter and provide added benefits. If your client is coming in for just a basic haircut, massage or manicure, do you know what the dining equivalent of that would be?  An appetizer.  As a chef, you would never just serve an appetizer!  Providing a full experience is your goal.  Does the server in a restaurant just hand you a menu and leave?  No. They tell you about their specials, using savory descriptions.  A great server will also tell you why you’ll love eating them!

A consultation is your chance to offer your clients the full experience.  Remember that the journey to the heart is through the imagination.  Your imagination asks “What is this?  Why are they recommending this, how is it going to work and what will I love or hate about it?”  Your consultation should include a detailed list of meaningful questions. Have your clients rate their current haircut, style, color and condition on a scale of 1 to 10.  Ask them what they like about their hair and what they don’t.  Estheticians will do the same with skincare and nail technicians with hands, feet and nails. Massage therapists will rate stress levels, pain and the client’s preferences.  Ask what would make today’s experience a 10?  Always be clinical, non-judgmental and do not ask leading questions or offer your opinions.

Ask questions that really describe what the client wants, which they might not even be aware of beforehand!  “Do you want your hair to whisper, talk or scream?” provides a telling answer to their preferences.  Ask them for three words to describe their ideal hair.  Now you have identified their challenges. You want them to have lots of challenges – so that you can offer solutions!  You will then give them your professional recommendations. Use trigger words like What, Why, How and Love. 

 “What I recommend is our special deep conditioning treatment.” When describing why, use their own words from the consultation.  “You noted earlier that your hair was dry, so this will provide extra conditioning.”  When describing how, be precise in your language.  “It will take 10 minutes and be applied at the shampoo bowl.”  Do mention price, but don’t linger – go directly to the love. “This is $20 and you will absolutely love the healthy shine it will give you!  You’re going to walk out of here with hair that is…” (use the three words they used to describe their ideal).  You see how simple it really is? Remember that people buy emotionally, then justify it logically.  People buy experiences and solutions, not products or services. 

 Using this type of script will ensure that your clients feel listened to, taken care of and they know your commitment level.  They will not only get added benefits but will learn about possibilities they hadn’t even thought of before!  You will earn more while providing them with the full salon or spa experience – now that’s fine dining!

Lauren Gartland, President

Inspiring Champions

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