Book Signing Event at the Day Spa Expo

Every year the Day Spa Expo and Day Spa Association host a book signing event for spa industry authors. This year is no exception and will provide attendees the chance to conveniently meet and speak with several authors inside the trade show at the DSA Booth (201).

Here’s a brief summary of the featured books at this year’s Book Signing Event which will take place on Sunday March 14, 2010 from 1:30 to 3:00 PM: (Stacey Hall) is such a powerful book because it points to what is possible. It starts with defining you and your mission and then moves on to helping you to identify the characteristics of your perfect customer.  It challenges you to believe that your perfect customers are really out there waiting for you to let them know you exist. You’ll create your own Strategic Attraction Plan by creating a vision of your ideal client, discovering what makes your perfect customer tick, what your perfect customer expects you to deliver, and where you have room for improvement. This book is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Attracting Perfect Customers

The Bliss Principle (Kellye Davis) – “My clients come from all walks of life, “ says Davis. “They are executives, single parents, nannies, nurses, judges, teachers, stock brokers, college students and CEO’s.  In one way or another, they all express what I call the peace urge: an inner desire to find balance, restoration, happiness, and peace.”  In her book, Kellye guides you through her Bliss Principle Program in the following stages:

    Bliss Breathing – useful techniques that instantly ease tension and quiet the mind.  
    Bliss Moves – an easy to do restorative yoga and meditation routine Kellye calls her Relaxation Workout.
    Bliss Maintenance – tips for creating a tranquil environment at home and the office, including recipes that nourish and promote well-being from the inside out. 

The Reluctant Spa Director and The Reluctant Spa Director: Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Skip Williams) – Using many of the same characters from “The Reluctant Spa Director and the Mission Dream” Skip Williams’ new sequel takes place in a Resort Spa and weaves the lessons of successful Spa Management into a story that will excite the readers imagination. Follow John Tyler while he learns the unique challenges that Resort Spas face each day and turns just another Resort Spa into a unique and well oiled machine.  Meanwhile Steve Wilson literally fights for his life and reputation while sitting in a Las Vegas jail.  All the while we learn about the Hotel world and how to make a Spa that is highly profitable, easy to run, and a better Guest experience.

The Spa Encyclopedia (Hannelore Leavy and Dr. Reinhard Bergel) Everything you ever wanted to know about spa treatments and more, can be found in the pages of The Spa Encyclopedia. Beginning with a brief description of spa history and the current state of the industry description, the book moves right into treatments. From specifics on treatments such as what to expect, what to look for, and how each treatment benefits the mind and body, to cautions on when not to seek certain treatments, this is a complete delight for the spa enthusiast as well as the health and beauty professional. (Dr. Bergel regrets that he will not be able to be present at the book signing.)Please take a few minutes to come by the Book Signing Event at the DSA booth. The authors would love to meet you, answer your questions and sign your copy of their book.

Felicia Brown
Spa Consultant & Trainer 
NCBTMB Approved Provider
Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach


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